Frl. Klein (hybrid_trophy) wrote in baby_deer,
Frl. Klein

dear deer

just had to show you gals what i made last evening...

Isn't she cute?!
The little pink cookie under her is a german gingerbread biscuit.

xoxo, Bam
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so cute!
thank you!
it's very simple but i'm happy with the outcome anyway =}

i think she looks a bit tired, maybe because i was very tired when i made her ;>
jealous ! you're verrrry talented.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE explain a little bit on how you made it? I want a bambi of my own!
i second that!
i concur! it's so cute!
It was quite easy.
i always draw deers like this one, and so i just sketched one and used it as a pattern. and to get the deer standing i made the "leg-part" double and just sewed it all together, left the "stomach" open, stuffed it and sewed by hand.

it's hard to explain but it was really not that hard.
i hope my english isn't all messed up so that you can understand.

i was thinking maybe to sell deers like this one but i don't know if i got the time, and if anyone would be interested.

xo, Bam
Beautiful! She really IS a baby deer.
Cute! ^^

That looks tasty... xD
OH! adorably sweet!:)